First images of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 manga

Dragon Ball Super 69

The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 manga shows its first images. These are the drafts of Toyotaro and show us the first ten pages of the chapter.

On February 19 the Dragon Ball Super 69 manga. It continues the story of Granola and shows us more about its planet. Every month, before the official release of the manga, the official Dragon Ball website shows us the first images of the next chapter.

NOTE: Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super will be available on February 19, FREE and officially. It will be published on the Manga Plus platform.

These images are the first 10 pages. Manga pages that still draft but we can see part of the story. For example, we have Granola who travels to his Cereal planet and there exist other species of beings. These beings bought a city years ago because their planet was destroyed. But the part that interests me the most is the final.

Do you remember the words of Beerus and the technique of the Gods of Destruction? Vegeta followed him to try to “copy” this technique. Well, we see that Bills and Vegeta appear in the last pages that they have shown us. Although the translation of the dialogues lets us know that they do not speak of training. They are talking about the Saiyan, King Vegeta, and the past of the Son Goku and Vegeta race as warriors. Will Beerus tell Vegeta that it was him who ordered Frieza to raze the planet Vegeta?

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The plot of the manga Dragon Ball Super

Time passes, since that great battle between Goku and Majin Boo … Now, in a world that regained peace, a new battle is approaching !! Is this new enemy coming from the “Sixth Universe” !? A new and complete series of «Dragon Ball», where «an after» is written, in an original project by Akira Toriyama.


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