Where to Read Dr Stone Chapter 184

Manga Dr Stone 184 disponible en castellano

The chapter of the manga Dr Stone 184 arrives. The adventures of Taiju and company continue.

One more week, Dr. Stone is back. Chapter 184 is available thanks to Manga Plus. You can access the new chapter from the link below. NOTE: Dr. Stone 184 manga will be available on Sunday, February 7.You can read it officially. The manga published on the Manga Plus platform has very good quality, both in translation and in images.

Dr Stone manga plot

On the day that Taiju Oki, a strong but somewhat peasant teenager, finally decides to declare his love to Yuzuriha, something radical and unexpected happens: just a second before the declaration, unknown causes lead the whole of humanity to instantly become stone.

After 3,689 years and 158 days, during which he has struggled not to lose consciousness and disappear, Taiju finally emerges from the stone and returns to normal. Although only to discover that the rest of humanity never woke up from their stony sleep.

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